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Gastronomy Tourism Nepal

Gastronomy Tourism in Nepal

Gastronomy Tourism in Nepal

Nepal is a unique destination for the different kind of travelers who wishes to travel as per their interest. Nepal was important very much prospectively in ancient time. Our tourism started before modern tourism started from Sumerian era. Nowadays, Courageous entrepreneurs as well as innovators come to market with different tastes and different product in Nepal. A Group of entrepreneurs came in Kathmandu with a mission to promote gastronomy tourism in Nepal. They are searching best floor to pronounce their mission to the stakes. Once, they introduced their Gastronomy Tourism Nepal mission in front of large audience while celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Lhotse in Kathmandu.

Nepali Cuisine

Nepali food is really typical food in the world but yet to be promoted being our week status in global arena. Last month, a group come to front with the slogan of ­ Uniting Nepali food from Himal to Terai’ has been organized in different restaurants and hotels of Kathmandu as ‘A campaign for Gastronomy Tourism in Nepal’ and ‘Let’s talk about Nepali Food’.

There are so many individuals and organization involved promoting the campaign in global level. But, Suresh Chandra Basnet, Vice President of Chefs Association of Nepal, Mahesh Raj Dhakal, Executive Chef at Shangri-La Hotel was the popular face of the program.

“The world Tourism organization in collaboration with the Georgian National Tourism Administration, is organizing the first UNWTO Conference of wine tourism in the Kakheti wine Region of Gergia on 7-9 September 2016” (media.unwto.org).

Thus, Nepal can host such types of event collaborating with different tourism organization even with government initiative.  Duke Nepal Adventure has good expertise in conference tour in Nepal. From the beginning, Duke Nepal has active involvement to promote of gastronomy tourism in Nepal. So, we are eager to host the potential events in Nepal with active participation of UNWTO.

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