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Duke Duchess Prince Harry Tour Nepal

Duke & Duchess Prince Harry Tour of Nepal

Duke & Duchess Prince Harry Tour of Nepal

Our country Nepal and Great Britain share old history and friendship from very beginning. This friendship and bond shined bright when Royal Highness Prince Duke Harry visited Nepal this spring. Duke Duchess Prince Harry Tour Nepal is one of the most lavish tour of Duke Nepal Adventure in Duke Nepal.

But this time things were different, it neither was  financial aid nor was it contract papers this time it was human being showing some humanity, expressing love and sympathy to every individual Nepalese who were in deep grief because of major earthquakes.  When such high level dignitaries from developed country visits under developed country like Nepal it creates quite a buzz so it did create quite some buzz when Royal Prince visited Nepal.

Duke Nepal and Great Britain

Prince Harry was everywhere from newspaper to online media. He stayed in Nepal for almost 10 days. He visited earthquake affected places in Gorkha and also met Gurkha soldier family in Gorkha. This tells how much respect and love he has for great Gurkha Soldiers.

Prince Harry not only made space in media and magazines but he was respected and loved by all Nepalese for such a humble person he is. This official visit of Prince Harry has created more opportunities in Nepalese Tourism Industry also.

Prince Harry was involved in Tourism activities like Rafting, Trekking, Lamjung Home stay, Sightseeing, Bardiya Wildlife Safari and different other activities. Similarly he went to heavenly Pokhara to take part in a wreath-laying ceremony to honour Gurkha soldiers killed in service to the crown. He met serving Gurkhas,veterans and their families.

This clarifies that how much love and respect he has for our country and countrymen. He was houseguest of 86 year old widow of Gurkha who fought for the British Crown.

Duke Conclusion

This short stay of Royal prince has helped people all around the world to know how beautiful Nepal is.  The choice of tourism activities one can experience in this Himalayan Nation is unlimited. Visit of Royal Prince did help to draw attention to Nepal and this is nice exposure and marketing for Nepalese tourism sector. Prince Duke Harry also conveyed the message to outer world that Nepal is completely safe to visit. Nepal  is ready to cater all demands of potential clients.

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