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Disturbing Human Settlement

Disturbing Human Settlement

Disturbing Human Settlement

The Disturbing Human Settlement deteriorates river environment in very short period of time. The Bagmati River lies in the north-east part of the Kathmandu Valley.

The research of the Central Department of Geology, Tribhuwan University shows that due to the lack of awareness among people and concerned authorities, such disturbances are unmanageable at present. The non-managed sewerage on the Bagmati River is the main cause of river pollution. River also flows from the bank of Pashupatinath Temple.  So Pashupatinath Area development Trust also has shown its attention towards the management of the non-managed sewerage. The Government has formed the Bagmati Civilization Saving Committee to work in managing of river but PADT is tired of slogans, campaigns and government Commitments which are not yet translated into action.

Major disturbances, which affect river habitat and surface water quality are solid, floodplains, bars and channel. To prevent environmental degradation of the Bagmati River from the human-induced activities, local government needs to take immediate action. If not then expert says it can bring a dangerous disturbance in the climate change.

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