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Cycling Tourism Nepal

Cycling Tourism in Nepal

Cycling Tourism Nepal

Duke Nepal Adventure can be your cycling travel partner. Duke Nepal specialized in Cycling Tourism Nepal .

Introduction of Cycling (as we know that cycle is made of frames, two wheels and Handle. Cycles are used by all the people of different countries who are physically and mentally fit. Some people use cycle for business purpose and some use cycle to ride in tourism destinations track like Shivapuri National Park in inner forest where we can enjoy flora and fauna, water fall, wild animals, birds, etc. At the same time we can learn their culture and their language too. We can taste the local food which is totally organic and free from pesticides.

Furthermore, Down Hill Cycling (We use cross country cycle with front and back wheel suspension shock). We have to be more careful while riding Down Hill Cycle.

Safety Gear

We have to use safety Gear while cycling like Helmet, Gloves, Knee Pads, Hand Pads, Goggles, Shoes, Front Head Light and back light in night time to ride safely.

Similarly constants color beeps are used at night time so that other road drivers can recognize cycle rider perfectly.

Cycle can be used as means of transportation from one place to another. In Terai area most of the people use cycle in daily life because Terai has plain land and it saves fuel as well. Similarly, mostly students use cycle to go to school. And other people use cycle to transport daily life material like food stuff (rice, oil, etc.) People use cycle to go to office as well.

Plans & Policies (Suggestions)
  • There should be cycling lane in roads.
  • High priority should be given to the people who use cycle in their daily work.
  • Tax should be subsidized by government so that people will be more motivated to buy more number of cycles.
  • Insurance facilities to the cycle riders should be provided.
Cycling Benefits
  • Cycling helps to protect from serious disease like stroke, heart attack, depression, etc.
  • It is a good muscle workout.
  • Cycling is easy to fit in daily routine.

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