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Chitwan National Park: Jungle Scenery, Birds and Animals #dukenepal

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is granted as one of the national heritage place in Nepal. It is best for those who love to go deeply and watch wildlife. In the history it was a most chosen place for wildlife hunting. Chitwan National Park has more than 68 species of mammals, 554 species of birds, 56 species of herpeto fauna, 126 species of fish.

The elephant safari is one of the best ways to spot wildlife from up close down in the National Park. Because the elephants can come close to other animals without them noticing that there are people on the elephants back, you can come up to one meter from other animals. During the trip, you are never alone. The rider sits in the front and next to him you are always accompanied by professional guides and naturalists.

One of the options to see the wildlife in the park is to go on a jeep safari. During this trip you will sit in the back of an open jeep to spot the wild animals such as the Bengal tiger, one horn Rhino. The driver will stop to show places and animals. You will have a great opportunity to get some good pictures.  The trek guide gives you  the information about the environment and the wildlife.

Similarly, Chitwan National Park has a second major attraction which is the elephant breeding center. This was installed because the elephant population in Nepal is becoming endangered. The elephant breeding center is unique as it is one of the only two in the world. You can have the opportunity to visit the center and see an elephant with their calves. Next to this, you can learn more about the efforts to increase the population at the center

Duke Nepal highly suggests you to take a Jungle walk with our nature professional and experience guide. This walk provides you with the ideal situation of viewing the wild animals very close. Bird watching is always best on foot.

Beauty of Nature

The jungle Scenery, birds and animals alone do not make up the unique features of Chitwan National Park. A professional guide/expert naturalist will accompany you through the area and help you gather insights into the typical Tharu life style.

Also after a few days in the wild the canoe ride is a good way entertains you. Similarly, you can pass by the shores of the rivers while canoeing. You can spot it an amazing crocodiles and beautiful birds during the canoeing.

Furthermore, visiting traditional Tharu dances at the cultural centre makes you feel like being in typical culture and tradition of the Tharu people. They perform the dances with long and short sticks performed. They represent the different festivals and ceremonies.

Duke Nepal | Kathmandu | Photo: Duke Nepal


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