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Best Things to do in Muktinath Temple Tour

Best Things To Do In Muktinath Temple Tour

Muktinath Temple Tour is the journey of Salvation. Muktinath is the holy destination for both Hindu and Buddhist religion. It is one of the most scared destination of Nepal after Pashupatinath Temple. Muktinath is the pagoda shaped temple dedicated to lord Bishnu. Lord Bishnu got free from the curse of Suttee(Banned Funeral Custom). Muktinath Temple Tour is more than Muktinath Temple. There are numerous and various thing to visit during Muktinath Temple Tour.

Best Things to do in Muktinath Temple Tour are as follows:

Dhumba Lake Tour

Dhumba Lake is the fresh water pristine lake of Mustang. It lies on the base of Mt Nilgiri at Thini village in Jomsom. Dhumba Village is the famous destination for the buddhist pilgrims. Likewise, Dhumba Lake is 5.5 km distance from Jomsom.

kali Gandaki George

Kali Gandaki George is the dippiest George in  the world. The another name of Kali Gandaki George is Andha Galchi. The deepness of Kali Gandaki George is 6000m. Furthermore,  Annapurna Mountain and Dhaulagiri Mountain surrounds the Kali Gandaki George.

Jwala Devi

Jwala Devi is the Divine Flame which is continuously burning over thousands of years in Muktinath Area. According to the local people on their belief “Jwala Devi is the composition of fire, water, sky, earth and air.”

Largest Saligram

Saligram is the black ammonite fossils. It is the holy object for Hindu. There is abundance of Saligram in Mukti Chhetra(Muktinath Area). Not only that, we can find the largest saligram in the universe.

Water Falls

Water Falls is the other major attraction of Muktinath Temple Tour. We can explore many water falls on the way to Muktinath from Tatopani. Rupse Water Fall is one of the most alluring water fall in Nepal. It lies in Myagdi District on the way to Jomsom. The elevetion of this water fall is about 300m.

Majestic Mountain View

Muktinath Temple Tour is the best option to explore the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri to the south and Annapurna Massif to the north and east. Moreover, You can feel you are on your special journey when you see such majestic mountains which will be your life time experience.

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