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Zip Line;Pokhara

Zip Line;Pokhara

Zip Line;Pokhara-New Adventure 

Just you imagine first, you can find everything in Pokhara. Similarly, there have been many adventure sports center in Pokhara with popularity of natural wonder. Furthermore,  Zip Line;Pokhara is the new adventure sports in Pokhara offering breathtaking experience to the clients.

A new exciting activity is there in Pokhara since 2012. It consist of a trolley mounted on a steel cable approx 2 Km Length, the ride descends 2000 vertical feet at and 56 percentages with resulting speed approx 150 Km/ hour, it has to be taken  most extreme zip-line ride in the world . Furthermore, Zip-line will explore your new way of relaxation in Paradise Pokhara



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