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Theatre Tour

Theatre Tour;Growing Tourism Trend in Nepal

Theatre Tour

Nepal has been considered unique destination since ancient time. There have been tremendous opportunities and travelers can experience bundle of things in Nepal. Cultural Treasures of Nepal, Unity in different religious community, Hundreds of languages, many dialects carries huge potentialities of ethnic cultural development in Nepal. Furthermore, among them, popularity of theatre tour is increasing gradually in Nepal.

Similarly, Nepal is developing as hub for all the theatre artists. The various genres of literature is linking inalienably  to theatre.  Duke Nepal is attempting to assimilate all of them in its productions and works in the tourism.

The advancement of theatrical arts in Nepal facilitates huge tourism potentialities and is increasing the production of innovative and creative works. Furthermore, Duke Nepal is supporting to explore, popularize and preserve the varieties of traditional and indigenous theatrical forms of our society. Duke Nepal looks ahead to work even more actively in the coming days.

Duke Nepal is popular tour company in Nepal which is now entering in theatre tour. Theatre is the best mode to create social justice, political awareness, and human rights. Similarly, we are strongly and passionately working in theatre arts in Nepal. Duke Nepal is organizing various theatre exchange program between and among the theatre communities.

Photo: Theatre Village | Duke Nepal

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