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Everest Mountain Flight

Everest Mountain Flight

Scale your life with Everest Flight

Everest Mountain Flight is the best chance to experience snow-capped mountains and might Mount Everest. At the beginning, Nepal was only for mountaineer as well as adventurer. But changing pattern of travelers and issues of inclusion affects to the Nepalese tourism too. Every one cannot go to expedition as well as trekking in Himalayas. But they have desire to see mountain very much closely.

For those who cannot with stand the rigorousness of mountain climbing there are mountain flights which fly around Mt Everest and other summits providing close up view of the Roof of the world. It has tentative one hour flight from Tribhuwan International Airport, you can see many Mountains and hills, and of course you will see Everest very much closely. Mountain flights have become regular morning schedules to the domestic carrier in airport.

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