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Accessible Tour Nepal

Accessible Tourism in Nepal

Accessible Tour Nepal

Our health is not always in our hands, so is the disability. In this technology rich world, we are not sure when would we get into accident and lose our physical normality. We would be differently able the next second. When we are normal and can use our physical strength to the fullest. We should be working to promote accessible tourism. Realizing this fact, Duke Nepal Adventure has been participating in any campaign done for the promotion of accessible tourism in Nepal. Accessible Tour Nepal by Duke Nepal Special Adventure is tour by us for physically challenged person.

Recently, we have partnered with a group of person with disability, disability activists and researchers who are planning to do one preliminary workshop for raising awareness about accessible tourism among the tour operators and the concerned stakeholders in Nepal. Duke Nepal Adventure is always concerned about the corporate social responsibility and accessible tourism is the part of our CSR.

Furthermore, Despite the fact that the world has been practicing accessible tourism for a long time, Nepal is still not to adopt it in satisfying way because of the limited disabled – friendly infrastructures. Similarly, Duke Nepal has been continuously putting its effort to make it happen in Nepal.

Accessible Tour- Duke Nepal Special

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